Jumat, 17 September 2010

Planting 1 Billion Trees in 2010

Perum Perhutani cooperates with a number of SOEs and private sectors to realize a Billion Tree planting ini.Saat years alone, said president director of Perum Perhutani, Rosalina Upiek Wasrin, in Jakarta on Tuesday, his side has received commitments from five state-owned companies will contribute to fund the planting of 200 million trees valued at Rp20 billion.
That commitment is part of planting a billion trees that are targeted by the government in order to land and forest rehabilitation are critical, according to him after receiving Tadina Band as part of the Forest Village Community Institution (LMDH) Plus Perum Perhutani. "As part of the synergy between state-owned, we currently can get a commitment from the five SOEs. Synergies that will be our effort to expand, through encouraging other SOEs and private, such as the Lippo Group and Sentul," said Upiek.
To a successful five state-owned Perhutani drawn to those involved in planting, PT Pertamina (Persero), Semen Gresik, Pupuk Kujang, PT Antam Tbk., And PT Kereta Api. They will be involved in the preparation of the seeds to be planted until November will reach 200 million trees. "Production of seedlings for planting this could even reach 500 million trees, if coupled with private commitments like Lippo or Sentul area managers, and Cikampek Nusantara Bonded Zone are we going to hook up," said Upiek.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Forestry also continue to urge and invite "stakeholders" to succeed Planting a Billion Trees. Earlier, Director General of Land and Social Forestry Rehabiitasi (RLPS, Ministry of Forestry, Indriastuti, admits the realization of the plants continued program One Man One Three has already reached 34 million trees.
According to him, the realization of that investment is a combination of rehabilitation programs and cooperation of the Ministry is woven with those of community organizations and private parties. "I initiated the planting along with a number of organizations, such as NU Fatayat, universities, Aero Seedling Indonesia, Al Ghiffari FOrest Community Indonesia and other parties," he said.
Ministry of Forestry, said Indri, also prepared 800 People Nursery (KBR) with an allocation of funds this year to Rp400 billion. "KBR is we submit to the district or village, located on public lands. For a Billion Tree planting, the community can also benefit from the results of non-wood," said Indri.

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